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West Gippsland Pioneers & Settlers Books
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3 books have been published from submissions received from the public covering the genealogy and stories of West Gippsland families from the first settlement in 1858 of Joseph Hennery Jackson up until 1925.

The books by no means detail every pioneer of the area - only those whose details have been submitted.

Our Aim

In recording the information of these early pioneers and settlers we seek to acknowledge the lives, hardships and valuable contribution these people made to the development of this district, preserving the information for future generations

three booksWest Gippsland Genealogical Society
'A Tribute to Those Who Served'
Volume1, Volume 2 and Volume 3
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Book 1 Pre 1900 Volume 1

Book 2 Pre 1900 Volume 2

Book 3 1900 - 1925

Book 3

West Gippsland Early Settlers 1990 - 1925

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Pre 1900 Volume 1 $25.00
Pre 1900 Vol 2 $45.00
Settlers 1900- 1925 $40.00

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Book 2

West Gippsland Pioneers & Settlers Pre 1900 - Volume 2

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Book 1

West Gippsland Pioneers and Settlers Pre 1900

Published in 2001

Only available on fully searchable CD

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